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GBD2022-1Costa Rican International Herpetological Symposium is back in its Fifth edition

After five years of obligatory absence, the Costa Rican International Herpetological Symposium is back in its Fifth edition.

Costa Rica is home to 5% of the planet's biodiversity. Though small in geographic area, Costa Rica has one of the highest densities of herpetofauna in the world with more than 440 species of reptiles and amphibians. The Symposium will feature presentations and workshops about conservation and herpetology by organizations and individuals. Come and learn about new findings and research from all over the Americas and beyond, or see how you can share your own work with conference participants and other interested people.

This is the 5th herpetological symposium at Selva Verde Lodge since they began in 2013.  Read more...

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GBD2022-1Left to right: María del Mar Villarreal Zamora, Wilson Huertas and Valery SalasGlobal Big Day Oct 8, 2022 – Another Great Day for Sarapiquí!

Global Big Day (GBD) 2022 was on October 8. For those who aren’t familiar with it, this is a celebration in which large numbers of people across many countries observe as many species as they can in a 24-hour period to give a picture of the current state of bird populations from around the world. This data helps to inform policies and to protect birds in their habitats.

Team Sarapiqui birding on a suspension bridge October Big Day

Global Big Day – May 8, 2021 – An Opportunity to Support Many Great Causes at Once

We are very happy to once again team up with the Organization for Tropical Studies (OTS) and the naturalist guides of Sarapiquí to do an incredible GBD that supports conservation by supporting the La Selva Biological Station / OTS, the Sarapiquí Conservation Learning Center, and the naturalist guides as well.

Team Sarapiqui birding on a suspension bridge October Big Day

October Big Day: A Birding Success Story

Congratulations to Team Sarapiquí, which recorded a whopping 380 bird species on October Big Day!


Selva Verde Lodge Receives Tripadvisor 2020 Travelers' Choice Award

We’re proud to announce Selva Verde has been recognized as a winner of Tripadvisor’s 2020 Travelers' Choice Award for Hotels.


Photo Gallery: Planting Seeds for the Future

Despite the temporary interruption to tourism, we’ve found a way to carry forward reforestation projects with the help of Selva Verde’s staff.

Nat Geo Wild Costa Rica

Selva Verde's Certificate of Sustainable Tourism

Selva Verde Lodge receives ‘Elite’ status in Certificate of Sustainable Tourism Program (CST) developed by the Institute of Costa Rica Tourism.

Nat Geo Wild Costa Rica

The Sarapiquí Conservation Learning Center has a new Director – Dr. Guisselle Monge Arias

Dr. Arias was previously a Board member of the Learning Center at the time that she and her husband worked as co-directors of the Great Green Macaw Research and Conservation Program with the Tropical Science Center.

Nat Geo Wild Costa Rica

Covid-19 Treatment Development in Costa Rica

With only seven deaths to date and 804 positive cases, not only has Costa Rica been able to effectively contain the spread of Covid-19, but it is also amongst the few countries in Latin America that is currently working on developing a treatment for the Covid-19 disease.

Selva Verde

A message from Andrea Holbrook and Selva Verde

Andrea Holbrook, daughter of Selva Verde Lodge & Private Reserve founder Giovanna Holbrook and Board member of the Lodge, speaks to how Selva Verde Lodge is faring as well as sharing general news about Costa Rica during this time.

Nat Geo Wild Costa Rica

Selva Verde featured in Nat Geo's "Wild Costa Rica"

Selva Verde makes a television debut in “Wild Costa Rica.” The documentary highlights some of the spectacular wildlife present around the lodge and pristine primary forest.