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A message from Andrea Holbrook and Selva Verde



Andrea Holbrook, daughter of Selva Verde Lodge & Private Reserve founder Giovanna Holbrook and Board member of the Lodge, speaks to how Selva Verde Lodge is faring as well as sharing general news about Costa Rica during this time.


Dear Friends of Selva Verde,

Many who are reading this have been to Selva Verde Lodge & Private Reserve. In some cases, you have visited us many times, or it was a long time ago; and for others it was very recently. In some cases, you have visited from faraway places like Japan or Australia, and others visited from San José. Regardless of where your home is, Europe, Asia, or the Americas, I hope this message finds you and your loved ones well during this Coronavirus pandemic that has impacted us all.

Many of you have asked about Costa Rica and also about Selva Verde Lodge and the region during this time, and we wanted to let you know how things are faring with us at Selva Verde and in Costa Rica generally.

What is happening in Costa Rica and in Sarapiquí right now is mirroring what is going on in the rest of the world. In mid-March, Costa Rica closed its borders to tourists. The only flights operating in these days have been repatriation flights of citizens going back home. US-based airlines are not expected to operate to Costa Rica until May at the earliest.

Costa Rica has closed its 29 National Parks and wildlife areas until at least May 1. All beaches nationwide and community gathering spaces including most city parks are closed as well.

Additionally, due to stay at home orders, Costa Rican nationals are mostly at home with the exception of essential workers. Many hotels have closed temporarily, or in some rarer cases, until further notice.

Thankfully, the number of cases in Costa Rica is low due to the vigorous social distancing measures enacted, and the deaths attributed to the virus are very low. As of April 16, there are 642 cases and only four deaths in Costa Rica due to Covid-19. There are no cases at this time in Sarapiquí.

At Selva Verde, our last two guests departed on March 23, and we are currently entirely empty as are most of the hotels throughout the country. Our staff is currently on half-time schedules and working on projects – new and old – that can make the most of this unusual time.

A silver lining is that the reserve, the wildlife, and the natural environment are flourishing. This week, our staff heard the usual chorus of howler monkeys from their treetops and saw Great Green Macaws flying overhead. They have seen countless frogs, birds, iguanas, and leaf-cutter ants in their normal daily routines as well. The wildlife seems to be enjoying the stillness, and we can be more aware of them in the relative quiet of these days.

We hope all of you are well and staying safe wherever you reside during these trying times. We hope that when the time is right, you will come back to Costa Rica and to Selva Verde Lodge & Private Reserve.

Pura Vida – te esperamos – we are waiting for you!