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Photo Gallery: Planting Seeds for the Future


As part of our ongoing partnership with the non-profit Sarapiquí Conservation Learning Center, many of our guests over the years have helped contribute to local reforestation efforts by planting trees. The SCLC works in conjunction with local landowners to protect some of the natural habitats that are crucial for so many species.

Despite the temporary interruption to tourism, we’ve found a way to carry forward this important project with the help of Selva Verde’s staff. During a recent training session on updated cleaning procedures, employees were also given saplings to take home and plant in their own gardens. In this way, we’ve been able to help carry this program forward and ensure the saplings in the SCLC’s nursery don’t go to waste as we await the return of visitors.

Reforestation 1

Reforestation 2

Reforestation 3

In all, more than two dozen young plants were distributed. Some of the species are in danger of extinction, and all are native to the Sarapiquí area. Species included cedar, avocado, olive, soursop, lemon, and of particular importance, the almendro tree, which is the preferred nesting site for the endangered Great Green Macaw.

Reforestation 4

Reforestation 5

Reforestation 6